FIC: He That Believeth In Me
From the rs_games....

Name: lls_mutant
Team: Post-Hogwarts
Title: He That Believeth In Me
Rating: PG-13 with smatterings of R
1.) Contains a lot of references to religion- both positive and negative.
2.) Canon compliant, even if the summary sounds crack-worthy.
3.) Sirius/OMC before Remus/Sirius
4.) I got carried away.
Summary: Voldemort's reign shattered homes, families, and dreams. Sirius Black was no exception: once, he'd wanted to be a priest.
Prompt: Taurus: Like a garden that has endured a long winter, your leaves have shriveled and your stems have withered. But with Venus now in your sign, your zest for life will return and inspire an old and nearly forgotten dream. A revival has begun.

Genre(s): Angst/Drama, Hurt/Comfort

He That Believeth In Me