FIC: In Lines of Charcoal (PG)
Title: In Lines of Charcoal
Author: paulamcg
Written for: leafyaki in rs_small_gifts.
Beta: The amazing ishonn. Thank you once again for the priceless inspiration, help and encouragement.
Rating: PG for touching
Prompt: All the three prompts: 1. "One imparts an intimate smile, /One chews a grass, one lowers his eyes, bashful, /One is ridiculous with cocky pride – /Six months after this picture they were all dead." - Ted Hughes, 'Six Young Men'
2. Anything to do with winter clothing and the cold
3. Anything to do with artistic boys
Summary: In December 1995 Remus rests in Sirius’s arms at the setting of the full moon. He draws new sketches, and trusts that there is still life waiting for the two of them.
Other notes: This piece can stand on its own, but it also belongs to the story I tell in all my fanfiction.
The link takes you to rs_small_gifts.

(with him as a measure)