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the_kennel's Journal

The Kennel
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Welcome to the_kennel! Your new home for quality Remus/Sirius art and fic!

Feel free to click here to watch the community and don't forget to comment profusely! Our writers and artists thrive on your feedback!

Our actual membership is moderated and by invitation only to ensure a high caliber of fics and art are brought to your F-List.

That said, if you wish to rec someone go to Our Rec Post and include their name and a link to their art or fic for our moderators to approve. We are ALWAYS looking for new R/S writers and artists, and much to our dismay we cannot avoid RL enough to spend our entire lives devoted to fandom so we shall rely on our readers to expand our members!
Please no self-pimping!

Posting Guidelines:
Naturally, all works must be Remus/Sirius. All ratings and lengths are accepted.

You may post directly to the community behind a cut or provide a link to your own journal. Exception: All Challenge Entries must be posted to the_kennel

We would greatly appreciate you utilizing the following format when you post:

Subject Line:
Type of Work (Fic, Art, Drabble, etc) : "Title" (Rating)
Example: Fic: "For A Walk" (PG)

In the Post
Challenge: (if applicable)

Then use a Cut or Link.

Current Challenge:
Our "Playtime: The Toys Challenge" runs through the end of September. Full details can be found here

The postings in this journal are fanworks based on the work of JK Rowling. No infringement of copyright is intended and no money is being made.

Some stories or artworks here are of an adult nature. By reading/viewing them you are acknowledging that you are of legal age to do so.

These works are also slash (depicting a relationship between two men). If such thing offends you, please do not proceed. No flaming or rudeness will be tolerated.

Much thanks to ericahpfa for allowing us to use her art for the layout and icons.
Layout created using the opal tutorial by pamelajoy.